Myeloma Friends Charitable Trust (MFCT) has been started by a group of committed myeloma survivors and oncologists.

Founder’s Message

MYELOMA FRIENDS CHARITABLE TRUST is an organization that stands as a testimony to the crusade against cancer. Founded and funded by cancer survivors and their associates, it came about to bring help in the form of an organized platform. It was initiated so that adequate information could be complimented along with the latest technological developments in the pursuit to find the right avenues. Dedicated specifically to the cause of Multiple Myeloma, this organization aims at providing support to the patients and their families via education and awareness. Another aspect was the rendition of the above services free of charge or at a nominal amount especially for those who were unable to combat the expenses and the emotional turmoil that this disease can bring.

Our Vision

Our vision is aimed at creating a world class institution where the healing and help for patients suffering with Multiple Myeloma is administered with a holistic approach. At Myeloma Friends, a trust created with the ideology of reaching out to those who have no means to combat this deadly disease. This is an organization that has cancer survivors and cancer specialists at its helm and hence it promises to aim for the unreachable.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to incorporate the E.A.S.E policy and administer our goals around time frames that encourage the growth of this trust and as a byproduct reaches out to myeloma patients around the globe..





E and A - The Vision of the organization is to reach out to the community through the medium of trust is to EDUCATE and spread AWARENESS in community in general and also in particular regarding myeloma and the various conditions seen as a part of this condition - for first time patients, under treatment who have just completed the treatment, survivors and caregivers.

E - Constant EVALUATION and monitoring required for treatment by specialized doctors to improve the quality of life. To help keep abreast of the latest in treatment, diagnostics and other lines of treatment.

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